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Fast, Friendly & Profitable Customer Support

Your help desk is not a “necessary evil,” and it certainly shouldn’t be a cost center. In fact, done right, your help desk can turn good customers into great ones, and unhappy clients into loyal fans.

Let us take the stress out of managing your customer support with one of our help desk plans, and we will:

  • Respond to all tickets promptly and with compassion and understanding
  • Process refunds quickly
  • Manage your product and service FAQs
  • Troubleshoot technical support issues
  • Handle unsubscribe requests
  • Maintain testimonial and criticism files
  • Cross-sell other products and services

We use and love ZenDesk and HelpScout. If you prefer to use a different desk, please contact us before ordering to be sure we can accommodate your needs.

Choose From Our Most Popular Options

Help Desk Starter

$50000per month

Help Desk Premium

$80000per month

Help Desk VIP

$120000per month

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