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Cleaning Your Email List Can Save You Money – Doable 28

This isn’t something you need to worry about for a while after starting your list, but you will want to be prepared when the time comes. Over the course of building your business there will be people that join your list who may not be your ideal client.  Or perhaps they are people who join your list to learn something but then their interest changes and they don’t read your emails anymore.  Please don’t take it personally, as it is a natural part of growing your list and running a business.

So what is ‘cleaning your list’?  Basically it is when you remove people who haven’t opened your emails in a while.  It also takes care of emails that bounce – which means the email never gets delivered as the inbox is full, it has filters on it or it has been closed.   

There are several reasons to clean your list:  

1.  Responsiveness – the more responsive your list is, the better deliverability you will have. Responsiveness is the percentage of people that open your emails.

2.  Financial – in most autoresponder systems you pay for the number of subscribers on your list – whether they open your emails or not.  All those people that never open your emails are potentially costing you money and they are probably not your ideal client.  

One way to think about cleaning your list is to set up a timeframe and then periodically manage or clean your list at that time.  You will have to decide how often you want that to be.  I would personally take a look at how often you email your list. If, for example you email your list once a week then you may want to clean the list every 6 months. If you mail out to your list every day then you may want to clean your list once every month.  

Some people will send out an email to their list with a warning email before they unsubscribe their followers.  For example, they may send an email with a subject line that reads ‘If you don’t open this you will be removed.’ I personally don’t like this practice as some people will only open the warning email and then they go back to the usual practice of not opening the emails again.

In the Resource Area there is a video on how to clean your list.

How often do you clean your list? If you don’t, are you going to now?  Leave your comments below.

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