Community Building Tools for Course Creators

Membership sites deliver self-serve training and coaching, allowing you to teach hundreds or even thousands of customers at one time. Even better, they help create recurring income with very little input from you.

Turn your knowledge and skills into true passive income by growing your community and welcoming them into a structured training system. By putting just a few systems in place, you can easily scale your business–and your income.

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Or Check Out These Specialized Packages To Meet Your Specific Needs

Webinar Management

Grow your mailing list and show off your skills as a coach when you invite potential clients to join you for a free webinar.

Book More Discovery Calls

There’s nothing like a live webinar for lighting up the phone lines. Fill your calendar and grow your business, too.

Email Marketing

Grow your audience and reach potential clients where they're most likely to respond...right in their inbox.

Connect With Your Subscribers

Don’t lose touch with those who most want to hear from you. A solid email marketing system will grow your business and your influence.

Help Desk

Support your clients and customers quickly and efficiently with a managed help desk.

Stress-Free Customer Support

Turn issues into opportunities and frustrated clients into raving fans when you systemize your support desk with proven procedures.


Membership Sites

Deliver timed content, create online courses and add recurring income to your business.

Build a Community

Create a community your members will love, and that provides ongoing income with minimal time investment.

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Happy clients say…

Cindy’s professional services (Digital Business Managers) have helped me grow my business. As a solo entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. One of the best decisions I made was to hire Cindy as a project manager. She has taken a load of work off my plate so I can concentrate on what I do best and delegate the rest.
She is organized, efficient, and has a great skill-set. Highly recommended!
Amy Harrop,
Cindy has been an irreplaceable part of my team since 2009. My life has been easier ever since. Honestly, there are a lot of skilled VAs that can do the work. But what I love about her is that she doesn’t just do what I ask her, but she goes much further by asking me questions, clarifying consequences of making changes and outlining simpler processes I might not have thought about. She doesn’t just do the work; she cares, she gets involved and makes my business better.
Karon Thackston,