Help Desk Management Solutions

How much time are you spending on customer support? If you’re like most coaches and product sellers, it’s probably way too much. You want to do your best for everyone, so you go above and beyond, sending long, personalized emails in response to every question, and stressing over even the smallest of complaints.

It’s good that you care, but it’s not helping your mindset (or your bottom line).

Instead, turn over your support issues to a team who will manage client questions with the compassion and consideration they deserve, so you can get on with running your business.

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  • 50-minute phone consultation to determine your needs
  • Setup and configure help desk of your choice. (Zendesk, FuseDesk, HelpScout, Teamwork)
  • Create up to 3 agent accounts
  • Create support email addresses on your server and set up forwarding to the help desk for easy ticket creation
  • Customize branding so your clients instantly know they're in the right place
  • Create FAQ pages & macros to make help desk management easier
  • Create systems & workflow best practices


  • Workday support (Mon-Fri, holidays excluded)
  • 2-tier support staff, ensuring you never have to step in to answer tickets
  • Monthly reporting including common issues with suggestions for process improvement
  • ** Based on 20 tickets per day. Custom quotes available for higher volume desks.


  • 50-minute phone consultation to determine your needs
  • Written help desk plan including application recommendations, sample workflows and checklists, and FAQ page & macro templates

Happy clients say…

Cindy’s professional services (Digital Business Managers) have helped me grow my business. As a solo entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. One of the best decisions I made was to hire Cindy as a project manager. She has taken a load of work off my plate so I can concentrate on what I do best and delegate the rest.
She is organized, efficient, and has a great skill-set. Highly recommended!
Amy Harrop,
Cindy has been an irreplaceable part of my team since 2009. My life has been easier ever since. Honestly, there are a lot of skilled VAs that can do the work. But what I love about her is that she doesn’t just do what I ask her, but she goes much further by asking me questions, clarifying consequences of making changes and outlining simpler processes I might not have thought about. She doesn’t just do the work; she cares, she gets involved and makes my business better.
Karon Thackston,