Happy clients say…

Cindy and her Team are my secret weapon to keep me sane and profitable. They run the nuts and bolts of things so that I can focus on bringing more money into my business and not on tracking down tech issues that make me go bonkers.

Nicle Dean, www.nicoleonthenet.com

Before I hired Digital Business Managers I literally was doing all the work myself and my online business was going nowhere. Now with Them by my side, I am more efficient and more productive, which has lead to greater sales of my products and services.

Jonathon Aslay, www.UnderstandMenNOW.com

Cindy has been working with me since…well, I can’t remember how long, it’s been that long. And the reason for that is because I rely on her for everything.

Not only has she begun reading my mind and anticipating my needs, but she also is constantly looking for more ways that I can make more money with my business. Who doesn’t want somebody like that working with you?

David Perdew, www.mynams.com

Cindy has been an invaluable part of my team for the past 5 years, so you can bet she knows how to rock my business. She’s a super smart marketer, so she knows the ins and outs of running a business and understands what it takes to grow and increase profits. She’s loyal, discreet, and incredibly honest. Not to mention that she always goes above and beyond, and always has my back. If you don’t have your own Cindy, you better snatch her up while she’s still accepting new clients.

Melissa Ingold, www.timefreedombusiness.com

Cindy and her team are FAST, efficient and oh so awesome. It a serious comfort to know when my all-important shopping cart needs TLC or urgent care Cindy is just an email away. Thank you so much and I will always recommend you to anyone I think can use your fantastic services.

Angela Wills, www.laptoplifestylebusiness.club

Cindy’s professional services (Digital Business Managers) have helped me grow my business. As a solo entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. One of the best decisions I made was to hire Cindy as a project manager. She has taken a load of work off my plate so I can concentrate on what I do best and delegate the rest.
She is organized, efficient, and has a great skill-set. Highly recommended!

Amy Harrop, www.AmyHarrop.com

As an entrepreneur, my success is partly contingent upon my focusing on what I do best – and the mechanics of website set-up and functionality are not part of that focus. That is why I am so glad to have Digital Business Managers on my virtual team. As a marketing strategist, I can visualize and layout the game plan to be followed and simply hand that over to them for effective, efficient, and affordable execution. I always have 100% confidence that everything will happen like magic before the established due dates. It’s an extremely comforting feeling knowing that they have it all under control.
Cindy has been the best “leverage” I have found to date, to help advance my business. If you have an online business or are looking to build an online business and want to improve your success – then YOU NEED her and her team on your virtual team! It will be one of the best decisions you make for your online business.

Gerard Yanuzzi

If you need hand holding service for your business Digital Business Managers is my personal favorite. I needed a ton of help all at once and they got me out of several pickles.
My website server crashed and I didn’t have current backups of any of the 45+ websites
-I needed a new membership site set-up with Digital Access Pass.
-I needed a company that would “just take care of it”… and let me get back to work doing what I do best – (which is NOT trying to be a technical guru).
-I needed to move all those 45+ sites to a new hosting account.
-I needed “therapy”!
Digital Business Managers did it all in the background. They took care of me professionally and quickly.
I feel a sense of peace knowing that I put my business in good hands and all is well with the world.

Debra Conrad, www.debraconrad.com

Cindy has been an irreplaceable part of my team since 2009. I “knew her when” while she was employed at a day job and doing VA on the side. In fact, at one point Cindy thought she might not continue and I literally had a virtual tantrum. Thankfully, she decided to quit her office job and go full-time years ago. My life has been easier ever since.
Honestly, there are a lot of VAs that can do the work. Installing plugins, setting up membership sites, handling customer service, etc. are skills. But what I love about Cindy is that she isn’t a gopher. Yes, she does what I request of her, but she goes much further by asking me questions, clarifying that I understand the consequences of making changes and outlining simpler processes I might not have thought about. She doesn’t just do the work; she cares, she gets involved and makes my business better.

Karon Thackston, www.marketingwords.com

If you’re sitting on a painful, splintery fence, and it hurts to stay still, but you’re afraid of the pain of climbing over and making progress, I can honestly recommend Digital Business Managers team with all my heart.
Within days of a reassuring first chat, I was being walked through my shiny new aMember install. And a few days after that, I had a shiny new WordPress theme styled just like my existing site.
Support is fast, awesome and newbie-patient, and rates are surprisingly affordable. So if you’re excited about opportunities but afraid of the technology barrier, don’t get any more splinters. Get your butt on over to Cindy and Rik, and they’ll ensure your dreams are not hamstrung by techie ham-fistedness.

Ashley Cotter-Cairns, www.sellmycomicbooks.com

Working with Cindy is always a pleasure and always brings me the best results. She extremely knowledgeable, fast and always gives me the best advice on what tools use for my business.
I recommend Cindy and her team to any entrepreneur who’s ready to stop wasting time and money on DIY and start investing it on what matters to their business: getting clients!

Helena Alkhas, www.apersonalorganizer.com

As my business was growing I was looking for a support system to put in place to help me with the ongoing tasks it takes to keep things running smoothly. That’s why I was so excited when I hired Cindy. Her knowledge and skills are phenomenal and she is as professional as it gets. If you are looking for a VA with a of skills and a reliable work ethic I highly recommend Cindy and her team!

Kate Wilber

Cindy I am really impressed with your smarts and your effort to be excellent in your work! This required some detective work and frankly many/most would have given up. Your perseverance and determination allowed me to get to the bottom of the issue so I could get it resolved quickly.

Christian LeFer, www.GetNonProfitStatus.com